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The Best Rock Funk
and Jazz Music

How To Listen

JFR uses MP3 coding at 128Kb/s over SHOUTcast streaming to bring you good quality stereo audio. The various links are below. The Flash Player link opens a seperate page and tells you what's playing. You will need to have Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer for this to work

Listen Live (Flash Player)

The links below open up a "save/open" window. Click "open" to launch the media player. Click "save" to create a shortcut. If you save this shortcut on your desktop, you will have a quick, easy one click way to hear JFR !

Listen Live (Windows Media Player)

Listen Live (Quicktime)

Listen Live (Winamp & iTunes)

Listen Live (Real Player)   



Go to your internet radio app

Go to "add custom URL"

Add the address below


Save it as a favourite !

This will also work with VLC player (open network stream) and Winamp (open URL)


Sometimes it'll be neccessary for us to use a more economical method of streaming to bring you the
station. This might happen when we're broadcasting from a weird and wonderful remote location
and can't get our normal MP3 stream through and have to use AAC+. We'll always let you know on
the website home page if this happens because it means that not all media players will play it and
the pop up flash player from the link won't appear. Smartphones will probably be OK. If you want to
be certain of picking JFR up when this happens, it will be best to have Winamp or VLC player ready
to go on your PC/notebook. You can download these from the links below

VLC Player

Winamp for Windows

Winamp for Mac